Engage in these hands-on Activities when visiting the exhibition

Animating Images

Explore Gustave Doré’s early graphic art to learn how he created comic strips through the illusion of movement in his drawings and stories. In this activity, visitors can manipulate optical toys, a form of early animation technology, and create their own thaumatrope – inspired by Doré’s drawings.

A thaumatrope consists of a disk with a different picture on each side. By rapidly twirling the strings or elastics attached to each side of the disk, the two pictures combine into a single image, creating the illusion of movement. This activity is located at Artissimo.

Changing Perspective – The Art Of Caricature

Gustave Doré drew countless caricatures for French illustrated magazines early in his career. Visitors can follow in his footsteps and create a caricature. How much you choose to exaggerate your own unique features, or those of someone else, is entirely up to you.

Create Your Own Story

Some of Gustave Doré’s best-loved illustrations are those he created for Charles Perrault’s Mother Goose Fairy Tales. 

Using magnetic cut-out characters from Doré’s illustrations, visitors can make their own version of Cinderella, Puss’n’Boots, Sleeping Beauty and many other stories.

What’s your answer?

Visitors are invited to answer the following question in writing:
If Doré were alive today, what classic or modern story would you ask him to illustrate or what movie would you ask him to animate or build sets for?

Organized by the National Gallery of Canada in collaboration with the Musée d’Orsay in Paris.

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