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Carrara Marble Quarries #1, Carrara, Italy

Carrara Marble Quarries #1, Carrara, Italy,
September 1993, printed January 1994
Burtynsky, Edward
dye coupler print (Ektacolor)
68 x 85.5 cm


Since the early 1980s, Burtynskys subjects have been mountain railway cuts, open-pit mines, and quarries. Burtynsky has worked as a hard-rock gold miner, which gives him a technical knowledge of the rock that he photographs. His photographs have been exhibited across Canada and in the United States. Burtynsky sees both monumental beauty and appalling destruction in this ancient Italian marble quarry. He notes, "The quarries show the cumulative effects of the work of man. All those years of labour. I'm most interested in them as metaphors for what we've done to the land."