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Mines #15, Inco Tailings Pond, Sudbury, Ontario

Mines #15, Inco Tailings Pond, Sudbury, Ontario,
1985, printed 1992
Burtynsky, Edward
dye coupler print (Ektacolor)
68 x 86.1 cm


Unlike many landscape photographers of the twentieth century, Burtynsky is not interested in unspoiled nature. He has said ?... in this century, there is a whole other set of issues that I felt were more compelling to explore as a landscape photographer. And the one that was most compelling to me, and I think was informed by my past and the things I had seen in the work areas that I had gone into, was industrialized landscape. The extractive landscape where we take things from nature and convert them into things that we need to enjoy our lives.? (Interview with the artist, Toronto, July 2002.) This work shows a tailings pond, the by-product of nickel mining in northern Ontario.