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Niagara Falls from Prospect Point

Niagara Falls from Prospect Point,
c. 1855
Babbitt, Platt D.
16.6 x 21.7 cm whole-plate; image: 13.5 x 18.6 cm sight


Platt Babbitt made photographs for tourists at Niagara Falls. He established his business as early as 1853 and continued into the 1870s. Babbitt set up his equipment on the American side of the Falls, in an open pavilion, which served the dual purpose of announcing his business and sheltering his camera. From this viewpoint he could photograph visitors admiring the Horseshoe Falls. Babbitt's photograph celebrates the unspoiled beauty and the grandeur of one of the "natural wonders" of the world.Franklin Carmicheal (1890-1945)