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Kiugak Ashoona
Born Canada: Northwest Territories, Tariugajak camp, 16 September 1933
Died in Ottawa, Ontario, 03 December 2014
Photo: Barbara Lipton, 1983

Kiugak Ashoona

Kiawak Ashoona was born at Tariugajak camp on Baffin Island. He lives today in Cape Dorset. Kiawak comes from a family of prominent Cape Dorset artists; his mother, Pitseolak Ashoona, and his sister, Napatchie Pootoogook, are noted graphic artists, while his brothers, Koomwartok and Qaqaq Ashoona, are both successful sculptors. Although Kiawak is a devout Christian, traditional Inuit mythology and legends have influenced his art since the 1960s, when depictions of spiritual creatures became popular in the South.