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Real Life - Guy Ben-Ner and Ron Mueck

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Guy Ben-Ner and Ron Mueck are two important voices in contemporary art. Paired with Mueck's highly acclaimed hyperrealist sculptures are video and installation works by Ben-Ner. These artists may seem to be worlds apart in their creative process, but their work forms an interconnected narrative in Real Life about the contradictions, challenges, and possibilities of the human condition.

Both artists interrogate such archetypal human concepts as birth and death, necessity and shelter, and share their findings with us.

Ron Mueck's Head of a Baby, static and frontal, gazes impassively out at the world, disengaged from its surroundings. Almost architectural in scale, it could be a relic from a past civilization, maybe the head of some strange deity presiding over a world which has disappeared.

Guy Ben-Ner's Treehouse Kit, a kinetic installation that comprises sculpture and video, explores the notion of isolation. Inspired by adventure stories wherein "man" is cut-off from civilization and forced to rebuild it materially and socially from scratch, Ben-Ner presents us with his own survival kit. Ironically, the materials he uses for his treehouse are actual kits from the furniture store Ikea which are "recycled" to create his own version of the modern Western world.