Teachers Lesson Plans

Who are you?: Grade 9-12


Create Activity Image 1

Ask your students to find, on the Internet or in the library, self-portraits of artists that they think are interesting and can identify with. This research will serve to inspire your students.

Create Activity Image 2

Encourage your students to think carefully about the way they want to represent themselves. What should they include in the image to express their interests and identity? To help them choose, suggest that they keep a journal in which they note down their thoughts day to day, as a means of developing their individuality and their inner life. Then ask them to work with mirrors to create a double self-portrait.

Create Activity Image 3

Once the photographs have been printed, encourage the students to create a collage by combining their photo with illustrations from magazines and newspapers and other personal items such as concert tickets, negatives, etc.

Create Activity Image 4

When the collage is finished, ask the students to write an information label for their work, which will contain relevant information about the artist (name, country of origin, date of birth) and information about the work (date of creation, size, materials used). In addition, the students will write a short text about their work.