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My Scene: Grade K-3


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Students will create their own natural setting, or ?scene? :

Have students cut a 21 x 30 cm frame from thick Mayfair paper. Show your example and give the extras as stencils to be used by the students.

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Ask students to choose a natural setting to observe which is close to the school and have them explain why they chose the site. (Is it because they think it is a pretty spot? Does it have special significance for them? Is it representative of the Canadian landscape?)Take the students into to their chosen natural setting. For example: playground, park, neighbourhood, etc.

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Divide the class into groups and ask groups to choose a scene to observe through their cut frames. Have the groups describe their scene using the elements of design.

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Once the students have observed their setting through the frame, have each one sketch what they saw within their frame with pencil onto a sketchpad. They should be aware of using the elements of design.

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In the classroom, have students paint a landscape, based on their sketch. Ask them to think about a feeling they would like to portray within the painting. (For example, by using ?happy? or ?sad? colours).

After the work is completed, ask students to talk about how kinds of feelings and ideas they were trying to communicate within their composition.