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Memories of the Past: Grade 7-8


After exploring different artworks, the students will experiment with the characteristics and creative potential of the work of contemporary Aboriginal artists. They will use a variety of techniques to pay tribute to the past by physically representing a memory or tradition.


The students will be able to understand, identify and analyze various design elements (line, shape, form, texture, colour, space) and design principles (contrast, balance, rhythm, proportion, harmony, movement, unity, variety) in the composition of their artwork.


Using a variety of design principles and elements, the students will produce a three-dimensional artwork that communicates thoughts, emotions and/or experiences so as to represent a memory or a tradition.


The students will express their preferences for certain artworks, citing the use of design principles and elements by the artists and discussing their own understanding of the ideas and emotions expressed in the work described.

Cross Curriculum Links:

This lesson plan also explores the following subject areas: Canadian studies, history and geography, English.


4 40-minute sessions

  • Session 1: Discussion of the suggested artworks, analysis of the elements they have brought in, sketches.
  • Sessions 2 and 3: Creation of the artwork.
  • Session 4: Presentation of the artwork. Discussion.