Teachers Lesson Plans

Being a Photojournalist: Grade 4-6


The students will develop a photo story for their school on a subject determined ahead of time. Through this activity, they will discover that it is possible to transmit a message in photographs by thinking about and using elements and principles of composition.


The student will demonstrate his understanding of the elements and principles of composition in documentary photography and how they are used to convey a feeling or an idea.


The student will use the elements and principles of composition in creating photographs on a chosen theme or topic. He will experiment with composition, points of view and framing.


The student will use a vocabulary appropriate to photography to explain how a photograph reflects a social, political or cultural context.

The student will explain how he and his classmates have used elements and principles of composition to achieve a specific effect in their photographs.

Cross Curriculum Links:

This lesson also explores concepts in the following subject areas: social studies, English.


Three 40-minute sessions