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My Treehouse: Grade K-3


The funny and delightful works of Guy Ben-Ner are reinventions of such classic novels as Daniel Defoe?s Robinson Crusoe (1719) in the installation titled Treehouse Kit (2005), and Herman Melville?s Moby Dick (1851) in the video of the same title (2000), with members of his own family doing the acting. In this course, the students will identify and recognize elements of design and explore how art communicates ideas and feelings.


The students will identify and recognize elements of design including primary and secondary colours, different types of lines and geometric and organic shapes.


The students will create a two-dimensional work communicating ideas or feelings and explain the choices they made during the creation process.


The students will explain in a group discussion how elements of design are used to communicate ideas and feelings.

Cross Curriculum Links:

"Language Arts"


Two 40-minute sessions