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Home Sweet Home: Grade 4-6


After showing students the works in the Canadian Painting in the Thirties lesson plan, especially the work of L.L. FitzGerald, Doc Snider's House; Carl Schaefer?s, Ontario Farmhouse; David Milne?s, Ollie Matson's House Is Just a Square Red Cloud, students will discuss the idea of home. They will bring a picture of their own home, transfer it onto drawing paper and divide the home in two. One side will be rendered realistically and the other half will be stylized with all the details greatly simplified.


Students will demonstrate an understanding of the expressive qualities of the elements and principles of design.


Students will use particular elements and principles of design in a variety of ways to solve artistic problems and to convey meaning.


Students will use grade appropriate vocabulary and art terminology.

Cross Curriculum Links:

This lesson plan also explores the subject area of Language Arts.


2 45-minute periods.