Teachers Lesson Plans

Shadow Chasers!: Grade 4-6


After exploring the Drawing with Light site, the students are encouraged to investigate the properties of light. They will learn that light interacts differently with different materials and that shadows are a property of light. They well then explore the effects of shadow and light through the lens of a camera.


The students will demonstrate that they understand the way shadows are formed in the presence of various objects and light sources. In addition, they will identify how effects of shadow and light are used by photographers as elements of composition in photography.


The students will use shadows and light in a photography project and identify the tools and materials they need to use in order to obtain the desired effects.


The students will use vocabulary that is appropriate to photography and will make hypotheses and observations about the the results obtained.

Cross Curriculum Links:

This lesson plan also explores the following subject areas: science and technology (the study of light), English.


Three or four 40-minute sessions