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Mastering one-point perspective: Grade 7-8


This lesson introduces students to the study of pictorial space by considering some European paintings in the National Gallery of Canada?s collection. A look at how artists represent space, using one-point perspective, in a painting. Mastering one-point perspective: The technique of representing three-dimensional space was a development of artists and theorists in the Renaissance. Linear perspective depends on the optical effect of parallel lines at right angles to the picture plane seeming to recede in space to a vanishing point in the distance.


Student will be able to identify and understand the use of one-point perspective in a painting or photograph.


Students will create their own drawing using one-point perspective.


Students will be able to evaluate for themselves an artist?s skill in applying the principles of perspective.

Cross Curriculum Links:

This lesson plan also explores the subject areas of language arts, mathematics, history, geography, science and technology.


One 40-minute period