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My Upside-down World!: Grade 4-6


After exploring the complex visual worlds of M.C. Escher, students will explore the key concept of space. They will use a variety of effects and techniques while transforming a box into an imaginary world.


Students will demonstrate an understanding of perspective using various techniques and effects.


Students will use particular elements and principles of design to solve artistic problems by applying a variety of effects to create the illusion of space.


Students will describe how materials and techniques affect their own artistic choices, and those of others, to convey 2D and 3D spaces

Cross Curriculum Links:

This lesson plan also explores the subject areas of mathematics and language arts.


4 sessions of 40 minutes
Session 1: Discussion and sketching
Session 2: Painting the box
Session 3: Collage
Session 4: Creating elements to put in the box