Teachers Lesson Plans

Seeing Math in Art

Grade K-3

Counting Circles:
Students will look at the bands of colour and try to estimate how many rings of colour there are. Afterwards as a group, they will design a plan to actually count them. They will try to find a pattern in the colours and decide whether each colour is equal in diameter.

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Grade 4-6

Building Your Own Sculpture!:
Students will calculate the volume and surface area of Jean-Marie Delavalle?s Black Volume and draw a sketch. To scale, they will then create a net and build a sample prism, making comparisons to the real sculpture.

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Grade 7-8

Triples, Triples, Triples:
Students will look at the different pieces of the installation With Reference to Pythagoras, including the initial sketches and designs, and then consider the different types of right angle triangles that would work in the dimensions presented in the sketch accompanying the sculpture.

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Grade 9-12

A Border in One Part or Border in Four Parts:
Students will look at the four parts of this work and consider a variety of different arrangements, including with and without the border. They can also look at the different arrangements of a border with an approximation from the website graphic.

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