The Canadian Photography Institute of the National Gallery of Canada is one of the largest public institutes in North America dedicated to photography. From emerging talent to historical archives and established artists, it is the place to see and study photography in all its forms.

A multidisciplinary research centre committed to the history, evolution and future of photography, the Institute was established in 2015 and officially launched in October 2016.

Housing one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of photographs and related materials, it represents the entire history of the medium, revealing and reinterpreting the most important stories of our past, present and future.

The Institute’s collection builds upon the National Gallery’s Photographs Collection, with the unprecedented support of Scotiabank, the Archive of Modern Conflict and the National Gallery of Canada Foundation.

Visitors to the Gallery can experience outstanding works in the Institute galleries, dedicated exhibition spaces where photography is always on view.


With its resources and initiatives, the Institute aims to stimulate ideas, generate discoveries, inspire visitors and attract creative thinkers and scholars from around the world, positioning Canada as a global leader in the field of photographic studies.

The more pictures you see, the better you are as a photographer.

• Robert Mapplethorpe

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