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Bulletin 1 (I:1) May 1963

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A Study of Art at the Upper Canada 
Provincial Exhibitions
Ontario Painters 1846-1867

by J. Russell Harper, Curator of Canadian Art

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Appendix " B "

Art Judges at Upper Canada Provincial Exhibitions 1850-67

1850 Dr Melville, Niagara; Messrs. Bull and Barber, Toronto.

1851 D. B. O. Ford, Brockville; Dr Naphygyi, Paris; R. Bell, M. P. P., Carleton.

1854 Col. Wilson, Mr (James Dodgsley) Humphreys, Judge Campbell, Mr Birrell, G. A. Barber.

1855 Dr Barker, Frontenac; G. A. Barber, Toronto; Ebenezer Birrell, Ontario; J. D. Humphreys, Toronto.

1856 J. D. Humphreys, Toronto; E. I. Baker, Kingston; C. W. Cooper, Kingston.

1858 Dr Daniel Wilson, Toronto; Dr Barker, Kingston, D. B. O. Ford, Hamilton.

1859 W. Hay, Toronto; Robt. Cherkley, Whit by; Will. Armstrong, Kingston.

1860 Thos. Reynolds, Hamilton; W. M. Wilson, Simcoe; Hon. G. W. Allen, Toronto.

1861 H. Y. Hind, Toronto; N. Higinbottom, Guelph; Duncan McMillan, Dundas.

1862 W. M. Wilson, Simcoe; J. D. Dumble, Cobourg; H. W. Peterson, Guelph.

1863 J. D. Humphreys, Toronto; F. J. Rastrick, Hamilton; H. W. Peterson, Guelph.

1864 David Murray, Guelph; J. D. Humphreys, Toronto; M. W. Wilson, Simcoe.

1865 G. A. Barber, Toronto; W. M. Wilson, Simcoe; R. P. Street, Hamilton; E. R. Martin, Guelph.

1866 Geo. A. Barber, Toronto; R. D. Catherdon, Cobourg; John Popham, Montreal.

1867 Judge Legie, Hamilton; James Spooner, Toronto.

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