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Bulletin 1 (I:1) May 1963

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A Study of Art at the Upper Canada 
Provincial Exhibitions
Ontario Painters 1846-1867

by J. Russell Harper, Curator of Canadian Art

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Appendix " A "

Prize Winning Professional and Selected Amateur Artists Upper Canada Provincial Exhibitions 1849-67

ADAMSON, DANIEL, Toronto: Ex. 1859, coloured crayon drwgs.

ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM, Toronto: Ex. 1852-62, oil marines; w. c. landscapes, animal and marine; etching on linen; coloured crayon and architectural drwg.; coloured and uncoloured photographs.

BAIGENT, RICHARD, Toronto: Ex. 1864-66, oil historical or genre; w. c. landscapes ( copy); crayon, pencil and sepia.
BISSETT, T., Peterborough: Ex. 1855, oil animals, portrait.

BRAITHWAITE, J. C., Toronto: Ex. 1862, pencil drwgs. 

BRIDGMAN, JOHN WESLEY, Smithville and Toronto;
Ex. 1861-66, oil historical or genre; crayon portrait. 

BRUCE, WILLIAM, Hamilton: Ex. 1864-66, copy of crayon portrait; penmanship.

BULL, EDWARD CLAXTON, Toronto: Ex. 1849; w. c. landscape; pencil and crayon figure, portrait and landscape; stained glass.

BUSHELL, Miss ANNE, London: Ex. 1861-62, crayon drwgs.

CADDY, Capt. JOHN HERBERT, Hamilton: Ex. 1858-66 (first as amateur, later as a professional), w. c. animals, landscape, marine, flowers; sepia drwg.

CARPENDALE, T. C., Toronto: Ex. 1850-51, crayon and chalk drwg. of animals.

CLENCH, Miss, Cobourg: Ex. 1849, oil landscape; w. c. figure.
cox A. J., Hamilton and Cobourg: Ex. 1861-64, oil composition; w. c. composition; painted photograph.

CRESSWELL, WILLIAM NICOL, Goderich, Harpurhey and Seaforth: Ex. 1858-67, oil marine, animals, landscape, historical, genre; w. c. landscape, marine, animals, historical or genre.

CRONYN, Mrs v., London: Ex. 1861, coloured crayon

DAVIDSON, ALEXANDER, Hamilton: Ex. 1859-60, oil landscape and historical.

DAVIS, ROBERT, London: Ex. 1854, pencil drwg.

FITSGERALD, Miss, Brockville: Ex. 1851-52 (first as amateur and then as professional), oil portrait and landscape.

FITZGERALD, THOMAS, Toronto: Ex. 1858-59, oil portrait; coloured photographs.

FLEMING, SANDFORD, Toronto: Ex. 1849, crayon portrait; lithographs.

FORBES, JOHN COLIN, Toronto: Ex. 1866-67; oil marine and portrait.

FOWLER, DANIEL, Amherst Island: Ex. 1863-65 as amateur, 1866-67 as a professional, w. c. animals, historical or genre, flowers, landscapes, marine, still life; crayon portrait; pencil portrait; pen and ink drwg.; sepia.

GIBBON, Miss AMELIA F. H., London, St Mary's, Western and Sarnia: Ex. 1860-65, oil unspecified; w. c. flowers, pen and ink, pencil and coloured crayon drwgs.

GILBERT, GEORGE A., Toronto: Active 1864-66; w. c.
animals, historical or genre, flowers; coloured crayon and pencil drwgs.

GILLESPIE, JOHN, Toronto: Ex. 1849, oil landscape. 

GRIFFITHS, JAMES, London: Ex. 1862-64 as amateur,
w. c. flowers; pencil drwg.

GRIFFITHS, JOHN H., London: Ex. 1861-64, oil un- specified; w. c. flowers, miniature portrait.

GRIFFITH, R. J., Toronto: Ex. 1852 as amateur, 1858-59 as professional, oil animals, portrait; w. c. portrait, landscape, animals; crayon drwg.

HAMMOND, Mrs, Toronto: Ex. 1850, w. c. flowers. 

HANCOCK, D., Toronto: Ex. 1867, oil landscape.

HANCOCK, HERBERT, Toronto: Ex. 1859 as amateur, w. c. animals, flowers; foliage designs as applied to architecture.

HARRISON, Miss HARRIET N., Hamilton: Ex. 1864-67, oil flowers, landscape (copies), historical; crayon portrait; pencil drwgs.; photographs coloured in oil. 

HAWKSETT, SAMUEL, Montreal: Ex. 1866, oil still life. 

HIND, WILLIAM GEORGE RICHARDSON, Toronto: Ex. 1860, oil genre.

HORN BY, Mrs Dr., Brockville; Ex. 1859, w. c. original composition.

HORNE, J. G., Toronto: Ex. 1861-62, pen and ink sketch.

HURLBURT, Mrs, Toronto: Ex. 1849, w. c. 1860. 

IRWIN, BENONI, Newmarket: Ex. 1861-68, oil portrait; india ink drwg.

JACOBI, OTTO REINHOLD, Montreal: Ex. oil non-Cdn. landscape.

JONES, IDA C., Brockville: Ex. 1851-57 (after 1852 as amateur), oil landscape, portrait, historical; pencil and crayon drwg.

KANE, PAUL, Toronto: Ex. 1850-57, oil historical, landscape, animal, portrait.

LIGHT, R. H., Kingston: Ex. 1867, crayon drwg.

LOCK, FREDERICK W., Brockville: Ex. 1855, pencil and crayon portrait and drwg.

LOEFFLER, CHARLES, Toronto: Ex. 1858-62, oil portrait; 
w. c. miniature; coloured photograph.

LONGMAN, E. H., London: Ex. 1861, coloured crayon. 

MCFARLAND, Mr, Toronto and Niagara: Ex. 1850, w. c. flowers.

MCGIBBON, Mrs, Kingston: Ex. 1849, crayon portrait. 

MARTIN, THOMAS MOWER, Toronto: Ex. 1866, oil still life, animals (copies) , marine (copies); w. c. animals.

MEYER, HOPPNER FRANCIS, Toronto: Ex. 1850-58, w. c. portrait, miniature; crayon and pencil portraits; engraving on copper and steel; lithograph portraits. MEYER, Mrs, Toronto: Ex. 1860, portrait in w. c. MILLARD, CHARLES STUART, Toronto: Ex. 1861, w. c. marine; pencil drwg.

MILLER, Miss JANE: Ex. 1850, pencil drwg. NAPHEGYI, Dr, Paris: Ex. 1851, oil portrait; ornamental writing.

PAULING, R. A., Hamilton: Ex. 1862-63, oil fruit; photograph portrait in oil.

POLAK, MAURICE, Toronto: Ex. 1859, oil portrait; crayon portrait.

PRICE, G. F., Toronto: Ex. 1850, w. c. landscape, crayon drwg.

REID, GEORGE, Hamilton: Ex. 1850-52, oil landscape; pencil and crayon drwg.

RICHARDSON, FREDERICK, Napanee: Ex. 1863, oil non-Cdn. landscape.

RITCHIE, Mrs LUCY, Kingston: Ex. 1863, crayon drwg.

ROLPH, JAMES THOMAS, Toronto: Ex. 1858-66, as amateur, pen and ink sketch; sepia drwg.

SARGENT, Mrs w. K., Woodstock: Ex. 1859, w. c. miniatures, flowers.

SAWYER, WILLIAM, Cobourg and Kingston: Ex. 1855- 63, oil portrait, marine.

SECORD, Mrs s. A., Acton West: Ex. 1861, pencil drwg.

SNOW, W. R. Hamilton and Montreal: Ex. 1864-67, oil figure, historical or general; lithographic drwg. 

TAYLOR, Mrs, London: Ex. 1854, w. c. animals. 

VERNER, FREDERICK ARTHUR, Toronto: Ex. 1861-66, w. c. portrait; pen and ink sketch; coloured photographs.

WALKER, Mrs C., St Thomas, London and Bothwell:
Ex. 1860-65, w. c. portrait, original composition; pen and ink sketch.

WALTHEN, ADAM, Ex. 1854, oil portrait. WANDESFORD, JAMES BUCKINGHAM, Goderich: Ex. 1854, w. c. landscape, portrait, flowers.

WANLESS J., Newbury; Ex. 1861, pencil portrait. 

WESTMACOTT, STEWART, Toronto: Ex. 1857-59, oil composition; w. c. portrait.

WETENHALL, JOHN, Nelson: Ex. 1849, pencil figure drwg.

WHALE, JOHN H. Burford: Ex. 1858-66 as amateur, 1867 as professional; oil animals, landscape, portrait, still life; w. c. portrait.

WHALE, ROBERT REGINALD, Burford: Ex. 1852-67, oil animals, landscape, portrait, historical, marine, still life.

WHITEFIELD, EDWIN, Toronto: Ex. 1854-55, w. c. flowers; pencil drwg; lithographs.

WILKIE, JOHN, Toronto and Dunnville: Ex. 1849-50, crayon figure.

WILKINS, JAMES P.: Ex. 1854, oil portrait.

WILMOTT, Miss, Toronto: Ex. 1860, pencil drwg. 

WRIGHT, F. W., Toronto: Ex. 1852-54 (as amateur 1854), oil animal.

WRIGHT, W. E., St Catharines and Niagara: Ex. 1864-66, oil fruit, animals ( copies) .

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